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Kochunni Consulting

I am Madhav, a content creator, designer and publisher. I help businesspeople connect with and grow their audience by developing engaging content.

I help businesses double engagement with their content in six months. I offer end-to-end solutions from content strategy to implementation and support afterwards.

I do content. I do design. I package them well.

We follow a process. We follow workflows. What we pursue is consistent with every project. This ensures reliability in quality and structure.

Combining this with three decades of experience in publishing, communications, marketing, and information technology, we can assure you that your projects are in reliable hands. We also collaborate with other agencies who support us in extending our expertise in related areas - enterprise solutions and applications development.

Let us talk. Let us engage. Let us craft the stories and communicate the messages around your product and service that engage your existing and potential customers.

Persons of colour led, Persons over 60

Our eQuo Affiliate Program

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