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Barry Hillier Consulting

Barry Hillier is a quintessential bootstrap entrepreneur who loves to inspire, ideate, build and disrupt. He has also learned through his experience that building never happens in a straight line.

After working in advertising from 1992 to 2000, Barry founded Dashboard in 2001 and grew it quickly to become one of the top creative boutique agencies in Canada. Dashboard built a client list including Unilever, Wrigley’s, ING Direct, Toyota, H&R Block, Corus, Torstar, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, LCBO and Kraft. His work has won over 50 awards, including NY Festival’s, FWA’s, London International awards, Applied Arts, Marketing Awards and many Cassies for business results, including the Grand Prix for his work on Hellmann’s as part of the strategic team that repositioned the brand to number 1 in Canada.

In 2009, Barry created his first SaaS platform, a Content Management System called Glovebox that was built for the automotive industry.

In 2014, Barry helped build Bumper, a fully customizable omni-channel SaaS retention and conquest marketing system, reaching 10% of the automotive market in Canada as well as expanding into the USA.

In June of 2017, Barry sold his companies and began to create eQuo in 2018, a distributed marketplace built from his own experience and passion for entrepreneurs. He recognized gaps in the ecosystem and wanted to create something that would elevate entrepreneurs and allow them to scale.

eQuo is much more than a business endeavour for Barry, it’s a passion to provide a voice and build a community for entrepreneurs around the world. This is also why he works with start-ups and scale-ups as a Board member, advisor and consultant.

In April, 2020, during the Pandemic, Barry Co-Founded Neighbourhood Coffee with his wife, daughter and some neighbours as his first e-commerce based company.

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Products & Services


We all need a sounding board, someone to vent to, or someone to provide advice and share experiences. I've launched and built several companies, and have been a board member, advisory member, coach and mentor to dozens of companies.


Operations and Product Building

Innovation is a mindset. It’s a value shared by the best teams. If you’re looking to build & manage in-house creative teams, learning how to manage the technical integration of operation systems & departments, or you want to develop and create technology solutions, I can help.



Everything starts with big-picture thinking. Whether creating a brand identity, developing integrated business strategies, creating brand extensions, developing SaaS products or improving consumer engagement and marketing, I’ll help you think bigger, execute bolder and skip the trial and error part.


Our company offers the following products and/or services. 






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