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HHS Spence

I am a later-in-life entrepreneur who is dedicated to changing the narrative about aging. Through courses, speaking engagements, and workshops, my passion to raise awareness about age equity issues inspires all generations to take action.

In 2017, I founded a social enterprise, Top Sixty Over Sixty, to bring attention to the many talented older persons who have been sidelined because of their age. Top Sixty addresses age equity in the workplace and provides programming for older persons to overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

Top SIxty takes full advantage of my expertise as a former leader in education. My understanding about learning, diversity, inclusion and intergenerational collaboration are foundational to my work

Top Sixty Over Sixty helps progressive businesses and organizations by maximizing efficiency, talent management, innovation and prosperity. Top Sixty offers practical guidance on how to engage an ageing workforce, establish high functioning multi-generational teams, and create stronger sales opportunities for ageing customer segments.

I am an energetic, creative and solutions-oriented individual who has worked in rapidly changing environments as both a leader and a team player. I consistently focus on strategy, stakeholder needs and high performance outcomes. I convey a natural enthusiasm for learning and I have a gift for motivating both colleagues and audiences. My fluency in French, German and Spanish facilitates many consulting and voluntary efforts around the globe.

Always in pursuit of new learning, I added the tools of Emergenetics to my repertoire of skills in 2015.

In addition to consulting, I am an active volunteer locally, nationally and internationally. Among other boards, I served as Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada; President and Executive Member of the Ontario Principals’ Council; Executive member of the National International Women’s Forum and in Ottawa. In my spare time, I serve as a mentor and life coach to youth and new immigrants.

My consulting and professional development practice continues to expand. Fortunately, my international network has led to positioning me as part of the multiple organizations and associations: North American Collaborative on Ageism, Age Equity Alliance, Encore Network, Pass It On, American Society on Aging, and others.



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