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Neighbourhood Coffee

We are friends who also happen to be neighbours that love coffee.

We believe that the perfect cup of coffee should be enjoyed with neighbours and we believe that sharing coffee with neighbours you don't know is the best way to make friends.

Neighbourhood Coffee is a celebration of Toronto. The people and the businesses that make our city a great city to live, work and have fun. Our company is inspired by Toronto and that's why we use local artists to explore the city from various perspectives.

As you explore our coffee, enjoying the different flavours and artwork, we want you to share the journey with us as we grow our little business.

We are also committed to sharing and working with the many small, local companies that operate in your neighbourhood or in other neighbourhoods throughout the city. By "pairing" up with other small, local companies, we are helping one another to be successful and introducing you to entrepreneurs who have built incredible businesses throughout the city.

Of course, there is always coffee.

2SLGBTQ+ led, Women led

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Products & Services

Coffee Lovers $52

Roasted in small batches using a unique blend of beans.

Our roasts capture the diversity of Toronto while maintaining a sophisticated and robust full flavours that only dedicated artisanal roasters, like ours, can create. 100% Organic, Premium Arabica Coffee!


Sweet Escape $23

Nothing is better than pairing our "Pick-Me-Up", an artisanal chocolate espresso bark made by Guapa Xocolate with our very own Annex Artisanal espresso beans. with your favourite Neighbourhood Coffee. 50% of all profits go to SKETCH, helping marginalized and at risk youth.


Sweet Treats $36

Each of our Holiday Sweet Treats packages includes 2 bags of delicious coffee tailored to your preference and artisanal chocolate espresso bark made by Guapa Xocolate with our very own Annex Artisanal espresso beans. 50% of all profit goes to SKETCH, helping marginalized and at-risk youth.


The Giving Box $60

Each of our Giving Boxes comes with your choice of two bags of our organic premium coffee, Chocolate Bark made by Guapa Xocolate, and our own artisan organic pancake mix, all made packaged in the beautiful commercial kitchen at SKETCH, with Indigenous made maple syrup to complete the giving box.


Our company offers the following products and/or services. 

B2B & B2C

Toronto, ON, Canada




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