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CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods, referring to low-cost, quickly sold products like food, beverages, toiletries, and other consumables. These frequently purchased, branded items are staples for consumers.

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Food & Beverage


Celebrate Cultural Appreciation

At Kebaonish, we take pride in being an Indigenous coffee and Indigenous tea company that highlights the spirit of sharing in Indigenous cultures and communities worldwide. We promote generations of well-being by embracing Indigenous traditional knowledge systems, wisdom, and worldview(s) inspired by the Anishinaabe concept of Mino-Bimaadiziwin ("living the good life") and the Haudenosaunee principle of Ka'nikonhrí:yo ("the good mind"). We can bring people closer to harmony in the world, and it all starts with a cup of coffee or tea.

Indigenous led, Persons over 60, Women led

B2B & B2C

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