The funding ecosystem is confusing!

Its inefficient, disconnected, hard to navigate and full of ‘no’. Let’s face it, entrepreneurs face geographic, gender, demographic and wealth barriers that are exacerbated by a capital market structure that can’t effectively find or support the majority of entrepreneurs.

eQuo is here to change all of that by facilitating/ powering a matchmaking platform that connects entrepreneurs with the kind of funding they need to move forward. And, we do all of this in a level, equal, fair and unbiased manner.

Beyond that, the eQuo community provides additional support with ongoing access to an active team of Advisors, content and expertise that can help entrepreneurs pave the way to success, address challenges that come up and help SMBs realize their dreams.

We believe that small, really is BIG!

An Average of 87,881 businesses are created every year with 1-4 employees*
Small businesses are a vital part of Canada’s economy, in fact according to Benchmark Law Corporation, small businesses alone, provide 70% of all jobs in Canada. What’s more, these businesses are imperative to reignite our economy.

At eQuo, we’re building the first inclusive, matchmaking platform that connects small businesses with investors, capital, customers, and talent.

If you too believe that small is BIG, join us!

Welcome to eQuo

eQuo is the first distributed capital marketplace where entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are efficiently vetted to match only those founders with investors/lenders that have mutually defined needs; saving everyone time, money and energy. eQuo is a big idea. But it takes as much effort to think small as it does big.

Small is big

eQuo is providing greater deal flow by adding accredited and retail investors who aren’t part of the traditional ecosystem, providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs to find the capital they need.

Together, we prove that small really is big.


eQuo can help immigrant founders gain trust and traction

Surbhi Guleria-Joshi, Poorna Wellness Founder discusses the difficulties that immigrants face as entrepreneurs and how eQuo can help.


eQuo helps ALL Founders

Zainab C. Williams discusses how equality needs to be actionable and how eQuo helps all founders.


eQuo provides the opportunity with good ideas to be heard

Dan Turcotte, co-founder at eQuo discusses how the traditional funding ecosystem may not understand your business and how eQuo knows that this doesn't mean your business isn't worth funding.


The system is rigged

Jordan Jocius, Director of the Waterloo-Toronto corridor of The Founders Institute, discuses how no one wants to support early stage entrepreneurs and how eQuo is changing this.


Small Business Matters

Kundan Joshi, Founder of The App Lab talks to how eQuo is important in supporting entrepreneurs to help them succeed.


Equal Opportunity, Equal Access

Rachel Sumner discusses why Ontario Tech Talent is partnering with eQuo


Shawn Wells, eQuo Co-Founder discuses Empathy for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have difficulties as they navigate the entrepreneurial journey. They experience challenges and barriers that can deflate founders and cause mental, financial and emotional strains, which is why we need to display empathy and understanding when working with founders.


There is NOTHING Small about small business

Barry Hillier, cofounder of eQuo talks about why there is nothing small about small business


Gen Z & Millennials are changing the investing landscape

Frank Wang, eQuo investor, shares his thoughts on today's millennials and Gen Z's who have not only have more economic power, but also with with more resources investing than any other preceding generations.

eQuo is an inclusive community platform built for entrepreneurs to find the financial and human resources they need to manage cash flow and scale.

This includes access to:

  • Non-accredited investors who can invest up to $2,500 in any single SMB via crowdfunding

  • Family Offices

  • Peer-to-peer lending

  • Accredited investors who are focused on SMBs and/or marginalized entrepreneurs

  • Alternative Fintech and cashflow solutions

  • Alternative credit providers

  • Factoring companies

  • Currency exchange companies

  • Convertible debt

  • Merchant cash advances

  • Leasing alternatives

  • Partner financing

  • Community development finance institutions

  • Alternative Fintech and cashflow solution

Small matters, for big outcomes.