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Finance Direction details 

At eQuo, we understand that capital providers like you, are having trouble finding the right opportunities at the right time with the right entrepreneurs. The fire hose of unqualified leads that are readily accessible leave you wasting valuable time and effort.

That’s why we’ve create the eQuo funding directory, to empower you to grow your market by reaching the small business you want in one convenient location.

If your finance products and/or services can solve for the needs of our small business community of eQuopreneurs, here's your opportunity to get in front of small businesses looking for solutions just like yours.

We’re currently looking for institutions that offer:

  • Cashflow and money management solutions

  • Grant providers

  • Credit alternatives

  • Alternative Lenders

  • Crowdfunding platforms

  • Capital providers

NOTE: Please complete this form for each financial solution your institution offers to ensure our users have visibility to all opportunities that you offer.

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