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We believe that helping companies grow from $250K to $1M, or from $2M to $5M and so on is not only realistic, but it will also lead to more Unicorns and greater growth overall than status quo.

eQuo is inclusive of all entrepreneurs and stakeholders, encouraging them to pursue realistic growth and to develop actual business models capable of generating profit.

There are over a million businesses in Canada alone with revenues below $10 million dollars. These entrepreneurs generate 70% of the jobs in Canada and 1/3 of our GDP.

There is a mismatch in the marketplace The reality is 90% of entrepreneurs are building "small" companies, but our ecosystem is built for scale-ups pursuing billion-dollar valuations.

It's ironic that 90% of accredited investors would rather invest in businesses and industries they understand, with business models that make sense to them, before chasing unicorns. But they don’t have access to those entrepreneurs.
eQuo is changing the ecosystem. We’re building the first inclusive, matchmaking platform that connects small businesses with investors, capital, customers, and talent. With eQuo, entrepreneurs get access to the support they need to grow, while accredited and retail investors get access to great small businesses.

Why we need to 'think small'

In a world full of naysayers, we're bringing the believers and the doers together to change the world.


Why I Invested in eQuo

Brent Wees talks about why he wanted to support eQuo and help become someone who could alter the ecosystem to make it better for entrepreneurs and investors.


When one of us is left out, we all lose out.

Zainab C. Williams discusses how equality needs to be actionable and how eQuo helps all founders.


Peyvand Melati on the changing investing landscape in Canada

We are growing significantly and I think in Ontario we had about $7 billion in VC investment last year, which is very, very encouraging.


Think Small Showcase

Peggy Van de Plassche discusses why she supports the eQuo "think small" campaign and why you should too.


The struggle is real

Giancarlo Sessa, co-founder Blade air discusses the need for eQuo and working together to suceed.


How Persistence is key

Founder Barry Hiller talks about the barriers founders face on the entrepreneurial journey face and how eQuo can help make that journey easier.

Welcome to eQuo

A community that we’re building for entrepreneurs, investors and capital solution providers who understand how big, small can be.

eQuo was named with intent. After all, when you break status quo, it starts with an eeeeK and ends with a WOAH, and that is exactly how you pronounce eQuo. Status quo is marginalizing founders and encouraging them to have unrealistic expectations for exponential growth and Unicorn outcomes.


eQuo is creating a better ecosystem for founders, investors, and the people and companies supporting small business.

eQuo is the beginning of change for a broken Entrepreneur/ Investor ecosystem. We’re building the first inclusive, matchmaking platform to connect small businesses with investors, capital, customers, and talent , while accredited and retail investors get access to great small businesses.