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Tired of Finding the WRONG opportunities?

With traditional investment paths, Investors are having trouble finding the right opportunities at the right time with the right entrepreneurs. Too often, investors and capital solution providers face a fire hose of unqualified leads and are left wasting valuable time and effort as qualified companies search elsewhere.

The eQuosystem

eQuo challenges the status quo by matching investors with the qualified leads that address their wheelhouse of interest and connect entrepreneurs with the funding and support to help them realize their dreams.

eQuo invites high net-worth investors and family offices who want to invest in SMB’s but don’t use traditional Angel Networks to find them. We also include small scale investors who may not invest a lot of money individually, but can collectively help raise a company to the next level through crowd funding campaigns.

Additionally, eQuo offers alternative capital and credit solutions to solve cash flow problems such as lines of credit, credit cards, currency exchanges, invoice factoring and other credit facilities.

At eQuo, we're proving small is BIG!

You don’t have to be an accredited investor to make a difference to small businesses in Canada. In fact, a small investment can make a BIG difference to entrepreneurs across Canada.

Welcome to eQuo, A community that we’re building for entrepreneurs, investors and capital solution providers who understand how big, small can be.

Welcome to eQuo

The reality is that 90% of entrepreneurs are building "small" companies, but our ecosystem is built for scale-ups pursuing billion-dollar valuations.

There’s an irony that 90% of accredited investors would rather invest in businesses and industries they understand, with business models that make sense to them, before chasing unicorns. But they don’t have access to those entrepreneurs.

There’s a mismatch in the marketplace.

Why invest?

Our investors are our users and the people who want entrepreneurs to succeed. See why investing in eQuo is important to them.

Hessie Jones

"eQuo fills in the gap when it comes to democratizing investment access to all Canadians while creating the necessary support to all entrepreneurs from networks to critical matches for talent, market opps. I love that eQuo considers ALL entrepreneurs, not just startup tech."

Angie Ricci

"I am a serial entrepreneur who has experienced unfair practices when it comes to funding women in business. I've paid higher interest rates because I was a sole female owner."

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Surbhi Guleria Joshi

"I invested in eQuo because I believe talk is cheap & real change begins when we start creating the world that works for everyone.
I have invested in eQuo because I want more role models who look like me.
It's time for you, it's time for me, it's time for anyone who has a dream."

Mahendra Naik
Giancarlo Sessa

"eQuo is solving a problem many #founders and #investors around the world, including myself, have faced."

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Roshni Wijayasinha

"Working with startups and as a Founder myself, I see funding challenges as one of the greatest obstacles of growth. At the same time, access to capital is not yet democratized, leaving many without the vital funds they need to succeed. I invested in eQuo to create an impact on the small business ecosystem, to help more small businesses be able to grow, and ultimately to join a movement that makes funding more inclusive and available to a diverse set of entrepreneurs."

Bobby Sahni

"To be part of a #movement. I know what it's like to start a business with no support. Who can you turn to? Who can you trust? Who can you talk to? It’s time to support those that take chances and bet on themselves.

I also invested to learn about investing. This was my first time investing in a business other than my own. What a great way to learn the process while limiting risk. I like the openness and sharing of information from the eQuo team. I feel like I’m learning every step of the way."

Tatum Hillier

"I have had the pleasure of watching my father work tirelessly on establishing this company, and I believe that his hard work, along with the time and effort undertaken by his colleagues, will lead eQuo to great things. I have a lot of faith in this company, and look forward to watching it grow!

As a high schooler considering starting a business when I'm older, having the chance to invest in a company focused on aiding small startups is something important to me; it is so often that we hear about the 'unicorn' millionaire companies, that we forget about the small businesses that keep our economy running. Keep up the good work!"

Like dating, trying to find companies that match your funding or credit requirements is a time suck, and frankly your time can be better spent! There’s always another show & tell to see to investigate the ‘next new start up’, but the companies that you really want to meet are rarely in attendance. Contrary to the firehose of leads that traditional investment paths provide, or being bombarded with options that are too little too late, the eQuo platform matches you with only those entrepreneurs that meet your pre-determined wants/needs; Finding qualified leads with a few clicks and giving you valuable time back to focus on what’s most important to you.

Why Invest?
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Reinvesting profit

eQuo maintains multiple revenue streams that will be reinvested back into our platform and the community in the form of new features, acquisitions and the development of funds.

Multiple Revenue Sources

By expanding partnerships and driving new features regionally, Nationally and Globally, eQuo will produce new revenue streams from capital partners, talent, data and co-owned IP.

Future I.P.O.

eQuo intends to I.P.O., providing tremendous upside potential and ROI for initial investors.

Global expansion

eQuo will be the first global distributed marketplace for entrepreneurs, investors, and capital providers.

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