eQuo "Stronger Together" Small Business Virtual Conference

It can be very difficult to be a small business owner today. Finding capital, managing cashflow and general operations can be challenging in good times.

And these aren't the best times for founders. In this conference we remove those challenges and share solutions to help us find the support we need to grow when we work together.

Welcome to the 1st inaugural eQuo "Stronger Together" conference.

We've addressed the current state of small business in Canada and showcased subject matter experts that discuss funding, capital, cashflow management and tactics and strategies to be successful during these difficult times.

We also hear the journey of three successful companies, exploring what they've experienced and learned along the way.

Watch the replay for an insightful and inspirational conference dedicated to small business.

Why you should invest in eQuo

Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more inspired at work, and in turn to inspire their colleagues and customers. Sinek calls this powerful idea The Golden Circle which starts with understanding your WHY. Our why for eQuo is clear. Supporting under-estimated founders, investors and talent so we can fill a key gap in the eco-system and change the world by realizing the potential of small business to become big.


But why you should invest is important too…


We discuss how eQuo was created to have multiple revenue streams.

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