How will you #GoSmallCanada?

Go small is a National movement to highlight small business, and allow Canada to support their favourite entrepreneurs, and allow eQuo to reach Canada on a National level. 

Three of our wonderful advisors are taking a lead in this initiative, Brenda Halloran, Shyra Barberstock, and Rye Barberstock. This is a truly inclusive and collaborative effort across all of Canada, and including Indigenous businesses, as well as non-Indigenous business, in order to show that small is powerful.


As our first major initiative, we believe that this inclusive approach will help highlight the power that eQuo brings to help assist all founders across Canada, and to provide an opportunity to show how reconciliation can work on an economic level supporting Indigenous businesses as a key part of #GoSmallCanada.


Together we can highlight small businesses locally, but work on a National level to highlight the importance they have to all of Canada, allowing us to help them as they recover from the pandemic.


We are asking that you help us by highlighting local businesses, and participating in the "Go Small" Challenge to help get it going.

Why you should invest in eQuo

Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more inspired at work, and in turn to inspire their colleagues and customers. Sinek calls this powerful idea The Golden Circle which starts with understanding your WHY. Our why for eQuo is clear. Supporting under-estimated founders, investors and talent so we can fill a key gap in the eco-system and change the world by realizing the potential of small business to become big.


But why you should invest is important too…


We discuss how eQuo was created to have multiple revenue streams.

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As part of our community building and education, eQuo always has a lot going on. We'll keep you in the loop here with fresh content like our latest webinars and fireside chats to on-demand content like our past webinars, entrepreneurial educational videos and also updates on the platform and our fundraising efforts.