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Madisson Conroy

Community Engagement Manager

Madisson Conroy is a proud member of Hiawatha First Nations, who landed her first part time job in the fashion industry two years before graduating high school. During that time, she excelled to become a Team Lead and then Management. For the next 11 years, she pursued her dream until an exciting opportunity in IT that better supported her growing family presented itself. Scared and excited, she took the plunge; leaving all she knew behind. Unfortunately, the company was bought out and despite being promised a role moving forward, cultural bias/ office politics got in the way the day before signing with the new owners, leaving Madisson questioning her value despite more than a decade of success. She soon discovered eQuo and their mission to support all founders regardless of race, creed, age or geography and joined our fight to create better, and equal opportunity, in particular for Indigenous peoples. Since joining she has flourished and proved herself to be a passionate and valuable member of the eQuo Community and beyond.

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