About eQuo

eQuo invites high net-worth investors and family offices who want to invest in SMB’s but don’t use traditional Angel Networks to find them. We also include small scale investors who may not invest a lot of money individually but can collectively help raise a company to the next level through crowd funding campaigns. Additionally, eQuo offers alternative capital and credit solutions to solve cash flow problems such as lines of credit, credit cards, currency exchanges, invoice factoring and other credit facilities.

Too many entrepreneurs are left out of the current ecosystem. Unless we are all included, we all miss out on opportunities to realize our collective potential and the economic and social benefits that come with it.
eQuo provides funding and capital alternatives that complement the traditional ecosystem and we’re dedicated to ALL entrepreneurs and investors, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

It's time to think small.

For as little as $500 you can invest in eQuo and help build a community for entrepreneurs and those that support them. eQuo is the beginning of change for a broken Entrepreneur/ Investor ecosystem.

We’re owned by our members

eQuo intends to be a for-profit company with a not-for-profit mentality. This is why will be crowdfunding, allowing our members to own the eQuo platform. This way, our community directly benefits from our growth and we can re-invest money into providing new features that will benefit entrepreneurs, investors and capital solution providers.

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Mission Vision Values

eQuo was named with intent. After all, when you break status quo, it starts with an eeeeK and ends with a WOAH, and that is exactly how you pronounce eQuo. The status quo is marginalizing founders and encouraging them to have unrealistic expectations for exponential growth and Unicorn outcomes. We’re not only breaking status quo, but the myths attached to it.


eQuo is inclusive of all entrepreneurs and stakeholders, encouraging them to pursue realistic growth and to develop actual business models capable of generating profit. We believe that helping companies grow from $250K to $1M, or from $2M to $5M and so on is not only realistic, but it will also lead to more Unicorns and greater growth overall than status quo.

At eQuo, we believe that it is hard to have competition when demand far exceeds supply. This is the case for SMBs and their need for funding and capital. Even with all the alternative funding and capital options being made available, there isn’t enough to satisfy entrepreneurial demand. Therefore, we support anyone helping Founders scale.

So even when there are companies that aren’t likely to become eQuo partners, we still want them to succeed. We believe that every decision made by eQuo, must benefit entrepreneurs. When decisions benefit entrepreneurs, they also benefit everyone who supports them. We succeed together.

That’s why we want to partner, refer, and support anyone who is helping entrepreneurs to grow.

Our Mission

To realize the power and potential of “SMALL”.

Our Vision

To create the first globally distributed marketplace that democratizes opportunity for everyone.

Our Values

We believe that every decision made by eQuo, must benefit entrepreneurs. When decisions benefit entrepreneurs, they also benefit everyone who supports them. We succeed together.

We also believe that inclusion is the central foundation behind eQuo. If some of us are left out, none of us can realize our true potential.

Introducing the eQuo Research Council.

  • To continually incorporate research results into the product development lifecycle and logic and data layers of the eQuo platform.

  • Our ultimate goals?

  • To understand the full entrepreneurial journey, including barriers and accelerants to success.

  • To understand what barriers and accelerants change for key groups, industries, regions, races, lifestyles, religions etc.

  • To be able to use our learning to work with partners, not-for-profits, regions, stakeholders etc to remove barriers and create a more supportive ecosystem that is data driven through insight and understanding.

  • To use our learning to connect with media and inform content that can be used as part of our eQuo messaging.

We want to understand the complete entrepreneurial journey and the data behind it. Our goal is to create research that truly understands the barriers and opportunities facing founders throughout their entire journey.

The purpose of the eQuo Research Council:

  • Create ongoing research to understand the barriers and opportunities facing Founders;

  • To ensure data privacy, use and rights and obligations are maintained in a manner that respects our community;

  • Understand implications of bias and how can we incorporate ways to infuse JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) into the approach so we truly understand how our data is being gathered and that we are understanding the full entrepreneurial journey for everyone;


Shyra Barberstock

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Ryan "Rye" Barberstock

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Chris Carder

Special Advisor to CEO, Investor, Co-Founder

Camilla Castaldo

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Tony Chapman

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Madisson Conroy

Community Engagement Manager

Jennifer Crowley

Marketing Director, eQuopreneur, Advocate

David Dame

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Carleen Dehaney

Advisor, eQuopreneur, Partner

Cathy Derksen

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Joanne Fedeyko

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Aedan Fida

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Joe Fida

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Surbhi Guleria-Joshi

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Brenda Halloran

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Barry Hillier

CEO, Founder

Helen Hirsh Spence

eQuopreneur, Advisor, Investor

Hessie Jones

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Kundan Joshi

Technology Partner, Co-Founder

Nathan Knight

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Hugh Lawson

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Tanika McLeod

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Peyvand Melati

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Eric Mukendi

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Barry Payne

Indigenous Advisor, eQuopreneur

Giancarlo Sessa

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Ananya Sharma

Community Engagement Specialist

Dan Turcotte

Content Director, Co-Founder

Kevin Stolarick

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Shawn Wells

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Roshni Wijayasinha

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Zainab Williams

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Be part of the solution that challenges status quo!

By becoming an eQuo Alpha member, you help create a more diverse, supportive and efficient community to help our entrepreneurs grow. Please let us know how you would like to Participate. Select all that may apply.

It's time to think small.

For as little as $500 you can invest in eQuo and help build a community for entrepreneurs and those that support them.

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The eQuo Community

eQuo is a community built by entrepreneurs that OWN the eQuo platform. 

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