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Who is eQuo?

Our goal is to create the world's first global platform for small businesses, where entrepreneurs are the heart of the community and have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their background, gender, race, sexuality, disability, geography, or self-identification. We are committed to empowering small business owners to achieve their goals and make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.


Join us in our mission to support and elevate small businesses worldwide. Together, we can create a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

Small businesses are the backbone of communities and economies worldwide. At eQuo, we are dedicated to harnessing the potential of small businesses to drive positive social, economic, and cultural change. Our mission is to build a community of entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals who share our vision of a thriving small business ecosystem around the world.

We believe that no one should be left behind in the pursuit of success. Small business owners face many challenges, particularly those from marginalized and unsupported communities such as immigrants, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, people of color, Black individuals, women, and those over 60. We want to ensure that no one has to face these obstacles alone.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the difficulties facing founders.

That’s why we created eQuo, a cooperative network offering the benefits of a business accelerator and the support of a community center. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Shyra Barberstock

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Ryan "Rye" Barberstock

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Chris Carder

Special Advisor to CEO, Investor, Co-Founder

Michael Carrick

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Camilla Castaldo

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Tony Chapman

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Madisson Conroy

Community Engagement Manager

Jennifer Crowley

Marketing Director, eQuopreneur, Advocate

David Dame

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Carleen Dehaney

Advisor, eQuopreneur, Partner

Cathy Derksen

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Joanne Fedeyko

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Aedan Fida

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Joe Fida

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

John Galbraith

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Surbhi Guleria-Joshi

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Brenda Halloran

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Barry Hillier

CEO, Founder

Helen Hirsh Spence

eQuopreneur, Advisor, Investor

Hessie Jones

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Kundan Joshi

Technology Partner, Co-Founder

Nathan Knight

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Hugh Lawson

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Tanika McLeod

Advisor, Partner, eQuopreneur

Peyvand Melati

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Eric Mukendi

Advisor, eQuopreneur

Barry Payne

Indigenous Advisor, eQuopreneur

Giancarlo Sessa

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Ananya Sharma

Community Engagement Specialist

Dan Turcotte

Content Director, Co-Founder

Kevin Stolarick

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Shawn Wells

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Roshni Wijayasinha

Advisor, Investor, eQuopreneur

Zainab Williams

Advisor, eQuopreneur


We believe that everyone should have access to the resources and support they need to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. By building a community of passionate and dedicated eQuopreneurs, we are creating a movement that celebrates entrepreneurship and encourages the growth of small businesses everywhere.

Our eQuopreneurs saw a need for improvement in the entrepreneurial landscape and grew tired of waiting for change. They joined forces with eQuo to make a difference and take action to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for small business owners around the world.

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