Harding Station Uncorporate Video

It's really all in the name. I create uncorporate video.

Corporate video people actually don't mind watching. (It is possible.)

This is a very short promo video about Harding Station: https://youtu.be/7gUDXVlIksw

On top of that, being an art director, writer, director and now shooting and editing, as you might imagine, I can be budget-friendly as well.

Scratch Design

We create digital brands and experiences that reflect your company's values and benefits. We take a strategic approach using UX research to builds intentional experiences that drive customer engagement.


Haletale Inc

Finding an appropriate rental is a tedious process and it’s twice as hard for International students and newcomers, with no existing rental accommodation system supporting them due to the lack of history in the country.

It’s almost impossible to plan to arrive in a new country on the first day of a month and move in. In addition to this, no landlord would allow living in a property without at least signing a minimum 1-year agreement. With no experience of living in this country, how does one predict and plan all of this, and find a place they can call home? As a result, people are either forced to book expensive Airbnbs or end up working with individuals who take advantage of this helplessness.

Haletale​ is a co-living platform creating affordable and flexible housing solutions to facilitate an easy transition for International students and newcomers​ ​to the country. We provide all-inclusive, budget-friendly​ ​and move-in-ready units.​

​We’re currently operating out of Toronto and looking to expand our reach to help newcomers to have an easy transition throughout North America and globally

With Haletale, no home is nearly, but really home!

Immigrant led

Beeja May

Beeja May is an e-commerce business that offers pre-loved and Retail Rescue (brand new overstock/imperfect) children’s apparel, toys and accessories. We are a purpose-driven company with the mission to keep textiles out of landfills and offer families a convenient, affordable, sustainable, and fun way to shop for their children.

We work with other mission-driven companies, such as mini mioche, ZippyJamz, North Kinder and others, to offer their overstock or imperfect pieces at amazing prices to ensure they end up in proper homes.

Join us in saving the planet, one onesie at a time.

Immigrant led, Persons of colour led, Women led

Collective IQ

Collaboration is the our competitive advantage. For the past six years we’ve built an ecosystem of over 350 subject matter professionals that enables our clients unparalleled access to specialized proven talent. Our model puts you in control, engage us a la carte or for end-to-end programs, we nimbly deliver the solutions you need risk free. Virtual by design, we curate custom teams from the best, widest network of proven Canadian freelance talent. No pitch team, just real talent built and ready right from the start to address your needs.
Big ideas, not big overhead. We’re a collective of handpicked award-winning, yet ego-free, experts who come together on-demand with discipline and process to provide businesses with the flexibility it requires,
and the proficiency it deserves.
Collective IQ has built an agency with more of what you need, less of what you don’t.

Women led

The Well - Creative Consultants Inc.

The human-centred marketplace for marketing, advertising, communications and technology specialists.

Part Agency. Part Matchmaker. The Well is an entirely new approach to forging marketing, advertising, communications and technology relationships. With specialists and staff that call Canada home, we’re the first human-driven marketplace where building trust is a primary focus.

We provide clients with support and advice, while recommending the best individuals and teams to tackle each job - all for free and without obligation.


Helping you develop your sales and communications pipeline. We design websites, eCommerce sites, magazines, brochures, newsletters and everything in between.

Persons of colour led

ReFrame Insurance

Employee Group Benefits & Pension Consulting | Personal & Commercial Insurance | Financial Wellbeing | Thought-Leadership Events & Socials

We are the antithesis of the classic Insurance Broker.

Here at The ReFrame Group, we live by a shared belief that what we do matters and makes a difference. Our actions are directed by the intention of creating health, wealth and wellness for the people in our community as we strive towards the goal of making their lives better, easier and safer.

This commitment to our community, as well as the environment, was certified in 2019 when we proudly achieved our status as a B Corporation.

The design thinking approach behind our service challenges the assumptions often made in, and about, the insurance industry. We’ve redesigned how we measure success, placing our client relationships and service delivery at the pinnacle of our approach. Our purpose is to help people thrive today and protect tomorrow.

The ReFrame Group began as an employee group benefits & retirement savings advisory. From this foundation we have expanded our services into individual and commercial insurance solutions, bringing on new team members with a combined 70 years of industry experience.

Immigrant led, Persons of colour led



Forecast Your Cash Flow, Revenue and Profit in the Ultimate Scenario-Modelling Tool to gain confidence, clarity and insight into your business. Dryrun ties automation with unmatched flexibility delivering clear, powerful and accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time spent in spreadsheets.

A better way to run the numbers.

Partner Consulting

We help Canadian and National businesses with outsourcing employee management solutions that include recruitment, payroll, HR, benefits and WCB administration removing the administrative burden creating a streamlined cost-effective process.

Women led

2Bodies Swim

2Bodies Swim is a woman owned, sustainable, & ethical swimwear brand designed for women who want to feel good and do good!

2Bodies Swim is committed to two things: offering figure-flattering designs with double-lined, silky-soft fabric that makes you and your body feel great and amazing. Our collections are designed in Toronto, Canada and we use our signature Italian fabric made from 100% recycled nylon reclaimed ocean plastics. Each swimwear is ethically crafted in Bali, Indonesia.


The only reason we exist is to evoke awareness, empowerment and inspiration through our empowering designs to create unprovoked, necessary conversations about "race.” (Someone's gotta talk about it to make change. Why not you?)

Through discussions from our designs, we want to solve the inequalities between “races” because every human deserves the feeling of belonging, safety and the joy of equality.

Black led
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