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Image of four professionals meeting and shaking hands
Image of four professionals first meetineand shaking hands

Partnering with the eQuosystem

Entrepreneurs across North America have a difficult time finding the right community, financial, capital providers, small business expertise or even customers that they need to grow their business.


At the same time, customers are challenged to find small businesses to support, investors waste so much time locating the 'right' companies to invest in and those with small business expertise have a hard time finding businesses that they can help.

This is why eQuo was developed; to connect the 33.7 million small businesses in Canada and the US with the supporters who believe in the power of 'small'. 

Where others see competition, we welcome collaboration and partnerships. We want to Partner with those who aim to help small businesses grow.

Do you align with eQuo's mission to support small? 

Then please join us and help grow your business with eQuo - the solution that challenges the status quo!

Reach out to us at  with the subject line Partner to chat about how we can work together to support small.

It's time to think small.

For as little as $500 you can invest in eQuo and help build a community for entrepreneurs and those that support them. eQuo is the beginning of change for a broken Entrepreneur/ Investor ecosystem.

Image of dark haired young female in a dress shaking hands with a man

What's in it for me?

As an eQuo Partner, you'll gain access to an invested and loyal community of small businesses who celebrate the power of small and are eager to find the right support.


Your profile will be added to our Partner page with a link out to your site, we'll spotlight your business and offerings via socials, our blog and in our newsletter and you'll be invited to join our business directory and other relevant service areas to maximize visibility and interaction with our eQuopreneur community. 



Image of four individuals with their hands stacked atop each others in tandem; a sign of partnership

We're continuing to build our community and our offerings. With that, there will be new opportunities to promote your quality corporate content, offerings, events, programs and communities as we launch new channels in Q1 of 2023 


From financing to talent, insurance to accounting, marketing to real estate and everything in-between, eQuo's goal is to be the ultimate business address for Founders to source all of their business development, growth and maintenance needs.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? 
Email us directly with the subject line Partner at


We look forward to chatting with you soon.

Get in front of our growing network of entrepreneurs to save you time and make more money for your business.

eQuo Partnerships

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