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CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods, referring to low-cost, quickly sold products like food, beverages, toiletries, and other consumables. These frequently purchased, branded items are staples for consumers.


Beeja May

Beeja May is an e-commerce business that offers pre-loved and Retail Rescue (brand new overstock/imperfect) children’s apparel, toys and accessories. We are a purpose-driven company with the mission to keep textiles out of landfills and offer families a convenient, affordable, sustainable, and fun way to shop for their children.

We work with other mission-driven companies, such as mini mioche, ZippyJamz, North Kinder and others, to offer their overstock or imperfect pieces at amazing prices to ensure they end up in proper homes.

Join us in saving the planet, one onesie at a time.

Immigrant led, Persons of colour led, Women led

Our eQuo Affiliate Program





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