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CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods, referring to low-cost, quickly sold products like food, beverages, toiletries, and other consumables. These frequently purchased, branded items are staples for consumers.

Business Services


Starting a business can be overwhelming. Let Ownr make it easier!

Ownr is a legal platform to start, build, and grow your business. Register or incorporate your business in minutes, find the perfect name, automate your legal and business documents, and get access to the support you need.

Get 15% off your first purchase with Ownr. Plus, get up to $300 back when you register or incorporate with Ownr and open an RBC business bank account.

Our eQuo Affiliate Program

eQuo member discount of 25% applied at checkout.
Users who Open an RBC business bank within 60 days of registering or incorporating your business with Ownr will also receive $100 back for a Sole Proprietorship & $300 back for an Incorporation (offer is inclusive of any applicable taxes) - reimbursed by Ownr

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