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Amy Castator Coaching

My mission is to support eco-conscious people to build inner resilience so they can experience more ease and joy in taking action to care for the Earth. I offer 1:1 climate coaching, workshop facilitation and environmental employee engagement consulting services.

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Products & Services

Climate Action Workshops

Paired with practical climate knowledge, these interactive workshops encourage individuals to explore their relationship to the climate and ecological crises, and learn how to take action for nature, while taking care of themselves.


1:1 Coaching

I host 1:1 coaching programs to support environmental change agents to reconnect with what nourishes them, so they feel fulfilled and sustained for the long term.

As your climate coach, I will work with you to create your vision for a climate-aware life that brings you deep satisfaction and meaning, see the stopping points you face on your journey and learn to move beyond them.


Our company offers the following products and/or services. 

B2B & B2C

730 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2W9, Canada




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