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First Period Kits for Girls

Our Tween Girl Kit is essential for any young girl to have in their backpack, locker, or gym bag. Girl E Kits helps save you time and money by putting all these essentials together for you to buy for the little lady in your life. By giving her a Girl E Kit she will feel confident and prepared for her day.

Our Tween Kit Includes:

1 - Reusable Waterproof Stylish Pouch with 2 Pockets and Zipper Closure

4 - Teen Maxi Pads

2 - Fun Pattern Bandages (Tye Die, Rainbow, Unicorns, etc)

2 - Hair Elastics

2 - Mint Floss Sticks

2 - Face Cleansing Wipes/Make-Up Remover Wipes

2 - Individually Package

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Girl E Kits

We make first period kits for girls + emergency kits for women of all ages. We want all women to feel confident and prepared for all of life’s trials and smiles.

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