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CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods, referring to low-cost, quickly sold products like food, beverages, toiletries, and other consumables. These frequently purchased, branded items are staples for consumers.

E-Commerce Website

Get your E-commerce website designed by our team of experts. (Starting at 149$/Month)

E-commerce websites provide businesses with a platform to reach a wider audience and sell products 24/7 without the limitations of physical store hours. This means that businesses can generate revenue around the clock and reach customers from all over the world.

Start selling your products online quickly and easily.
Optimized to increase purchases.

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Corporate Website

Get your corporate website designed by our team of experts.(Starting at 99$/Month)

A well-designed and informative corporate website can be a valuable asset for any business, helping to establish credibility, build trust, and reach new audiences.

Your corporate presence online.
Build to convert visitors into customers.

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Landing pages

Landing Page (Starting at 59$/Month)

A simple one-page website, great for a basic online presence, advertising, events or product promotions.

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Products & Services

Our company offers the following products and/or services. 

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The Website Store

The Website Store - your one-stop solution for all your website needs.

With The Website Store, you receive an all-inclusive package comprising free hosting, unlimited website support, superior security, and easy-to-use editing tools. We're not just creating a website, we're building a sustainable online presence that evolves with your business. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, we provide a brand new, cutting-edge website every three years.

Trust the Website Store as your go-to team for website solutions.


*You will be amazed by your new website.
*Professionally Designed Websites.
*Free Website Redesigns every 3 years.
*Free Website Hosting.
*Free Security Certificate (SSL).
*All the tools and access to edit your site yourself (CMS).
*24/7 Expert Support.

3 Pl. Ville-Marie Suite 400, Montreal, QC H3B 2E3, Canada



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