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Blade + Love Good Fats: from 0 to $28M & $100M+ and the founders who did it

Every Founder journey is inspiring. In this Founders Chat, we discuss the journeys of “Love Good Fats” and “Blade Filters” from their beginning to now.

Love Good Fats is an incredible story of Suzie Yorke, who took her life savings and started her first business at 50 as a single mom with 2 kids about to go to university. She is now one of the fastest growing food start-ups in Canada. She is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a strong advocate for diversity.

Joseph Fida, a chemical engineering student, along with Giancarlo Sessa and Aedan Fida, co-founders of Blade Filters noticed a problem with the inefficiency of carbon filters. They created a solution that led to a global patent, creating a company that went from zero to $28M in three years. Yet, Canadian Banks wouldn’t help them.

We are showcasing the stories behind their entrepreneurial journey. How did it start? What were the barriers? What were the breakthroughs? What was most surprising? What caught you off guard? Where do you see your company going? What advice do you have for other founders?

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