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How eQuo Connects New investors to Founders

eQuo is changing the ecosystem. We’re building the first inclusive, matchmaking platform that connects small businesses with investors, capital, customers, and talent. With eQuo, entrepreneurs get access to the support they need to grow, while accredited and retail investors get access to great small businesses. … so founders can hear YES from the investors and capital providers they need to grow. eQuo will be the first global distributed marketplace with recommendation engines based on data-tagging, Natural Language tokens and AI that discover what entrepreneurs need, and match them to investors, lenders and capital providers based on aligned criteria and mutual fit. This allows for greater deal flow, and because we’re adding accredited investors who aren’t part of the traditional ecosystem, as well as retail investors and alternative fintech, we’re creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs to find the capital they need. Together, we prove that small really is big. We answer how eQuo works to connect new accredited and retail investors to new opportunities that might interest them.

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