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Gift Guide

Our gift guide is meant to help consumers find the perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues or themselves. The gift guide allows businesses to toggle on or off products, and will be available year long. This means users can find gifts for Birthday's, Mother's Day, or any other day!

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Business Directory

The eQuo Business Directory is a place to find what you need, whether you are a business, or a consumer. In addition to listing and categorizing the many different businesses, products, and services available across the country, users can source companies with founders from diverse communities.

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Products & Services

Our company offers the following products and/or services. 

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eQuo is on a mission to support small businesses and the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy. The company is dedicated to ALL entrepreneurs, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender expression, or disability. eQuo is committed to building the first inclusive platform to help small businesses find the support, funding, investors, capital, and customers they need to grow. For more information, visit

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