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Welcome to eQuo!

We're on a mission to help out the little guys!


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we're dedicated to supporting all entrepreneurs - no matter who they are or where they come from.


Under our #GoSmall initiative, we're building an inclusive platform to help small businesses find the resources they need to grow, like funding, investors, and customers.


In 2022, we launched a bunch of cool new tools, like our eQuopreneur community Slack channel and our small business directory and gift guide.


And in 2023, we're taking it up a notch with our small talks and small consultancy services, which are all about giving small business owners the expert advice they need to succeed.

#GoSmall is a movement we've created to support small businesses where it will help them the most; at the cash register. 

We’re challenging Small Business to come together and support each other nationwide, by leveraging the eQuo business directory and gift guide to find the products and/or services they want/need and then share your purchase on social media to spread the word to your network. Together, let’s show how BIG small businesses can become when they have a little help.

When we band together and choose to buy from our favourite small businesses, even the smallest purchases add up. Search eQuo’s GoSmall business directory for businesses, products, or services and find perfect gift  within our small gift guide. 


For anyone looking to support specific communities, you can also search businesses by founder composition. For instance, find businesses that are LGBTQ+ led, black led, Indigenous led, Latino led, women led, immigrant led, POC led, or persons with disabilities led. 

Your purchases can become even more powerful when you share those #hiddengems for other consumers to discover on social media. 

It’s easy… 

  • #Find businesses, products and services through our #GoSmall business directory and/or our #GoSmall Gift Guide. 

  • #Shop online or in-person. 

  • #Share your experience on social media to spread the word.


#Find. #Shop. #Share.

How do I #GoSmall?

Together, let's build the BIGGEST small business movement ever!