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A personalized solution that merges the best qualities of management, financial, IT, human resources and marketing consulting firms to equip small businesses with the teams they need to overcome existing and future challenges. We call this our small consultancy, click to learn more about our services and build your dream team with us today.

Sometime you need a little more help.

Our goal is to make your entrepreneurial journey easier by providing all the necessary resources and connections in one convenient platform.


And the best part? Membership is completely free!

Become an eQuopreneur

How can we help you & your business?

Business Directory

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Our small business directory lets you showcase and discover small businesses.

Gift Guide

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Find seasonal products & services in our small business gift guide.

Business Forum

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Connect, collaborate and talk with other entrepreneurs in the eQuo forum.


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Find suppliers and vendors working with eQuo to improve your business operations.


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Discover financing options that fit your unique business needs.


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You have questions about business; our eQuo experts have answers.

Why I'm an eQuopreneur

Why eQuo with Chris Carder

Chris Carder, Executive Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Schulich School of Business celebrates eQuo as the platform approach that focusses on small business solutions.

Why eQuo with Brenda Halloran

Brenda Halloran, Former Mayor of Waterloo & Chair of the Board of Directors, Start Up Canada outlines how eQuo is so important in giving support to small businesses at grassroots level; opening up opportunities for mentoring, sharing of ideas and resources.

Why eQuo with Zainab C. Williams

Zainab Williams, Founder of Elleverity Wealth Management talks about how eQuo empowers ALL founders to with those that support your vision.

Why eQuo with Giancarlo Sessa

Giancarlo Sessa, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Blade addresses how eQuo connects the dots to opportunity for founders and those that support them by joining forces to find solutions and succeed.

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Imagine a world where all entrepreneurs are connected and supported...

Meet eQuo, The collaborative network, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We're a safe space to engage with like-minded founders, get expert answers, find customers, source vendors, discover financing & be part of a collaborative community.

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