In a world filled with no,
it's time to find Yes!

Canada, we have a problem.

Our entrepreneurs aren't scaling, and our talent is leaving. They regularly experience no. Every day our entrepreneurs, talent, investors, partners and other stakeholders fail to find what need in our innovation ecosystem. They waste time, money and energy, causing them to fail to scale or simply fail. It's time we changed this and allow our stakeholders to find what they need, when they need it. We need to help them find Yes.

By working together to better connect our ecosystem, we can help build a thousand, Ten Million Dollar companies, and help them scale.

Welcome to eQuo.

eQuo. An inclusive community built for inovation and technology.

eQuo is the first distributed and fully inclusive marketplace for entrepreneurs, talent and stakeholders in innovation in Canada.




eQuo enables everyone within the community to better connect with local resources such as financial capital, human capital, knowledge, customers, partners, technology and so on.

How our community works.

Our community forms a distributed marketplace that doesn't currently exist. Our members share one trait, they want to help the community succeed and find Yes.

Say Yes to Inclusivity.

Not all of us have the same opportunities. And when some of us miss out, we all miss out on our opportunity to realize our collective potential. This is why we are focussed on building a truly inclusive marketplace, where we reflect the true ecosystem in gender, ethnicity, orientation, age and ability.

It's time to work together and create an inclusive community and distributed marketplace that supports great ideas, empowers talent and helps entrepreneurs realize their full potential, regardless of who they are or what stage the company represents. Everyone is welcome.

We need Barn Raisers to help build our Alpha community.

We're looking for early adopters, passionate patriots and true leaders who want to be part of our Alpha platform and prove that we can build a strong, vibrant community throughout the Toronto/ Waterloo Region.



Our foundation is based on our community owning our community. We have created a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) for what we are calling our Founding Funders. We're also looking for strategic investors who want to help us grow a globally distributed marketplace for entrepreneurs.

If you would like to find out more and invest in YES, please contact us at We will forward our investor deck and are happy to answer your questions.


Are you looking to connect with entrepreneurs and talent involved in the inno- vation and technology sector across Toronto/Waterloo? Do you want data on what's up, what's down and what is affecting the success or failure of start-ups and scaleups? Are there specific groups that you want to build relationships with and establish a credible presence within?

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or partner opportunities with our team, reach out to us at


If you are looking to connect, discuss or be involved beyond our Alpha program, send us a note at

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Benefits of Joining the
eQuo Community

It isn't that we don't have the resources we need, it's simply that most of us lack access to them. Most resources are dedicated to start-ups or scaleups who have reached $10 Million in Revenue. That leaves the majority of companies unable to find what they need. By creating a distributed marketplace, we help ensure that our resources can not only be found, but that they are connected to the people who need them, when they need them.

eQuo aggregates the existing capital pool available to entrepreneurs, making the eco-system easier to navigate.

eQuo provides alternative forms of capital, such as crowdfunding, allowing institutional, accredited and non-accredited investors to take part of the innovation economy while allowing entrepreneurs new forms of capital to grow their business.

eQuo highlights accredited investors who aren't part of traditional Angel or VC groups, allowing them to participate directly in all stages of the innovation economy and infuse much needed capital into entrepreneurs' hands.

eQuo helps entrepreneurs grow their bottom line by providing real leads for potential customers looking for their services or technology. After all, the best form of funding is a paying customer.

eQuo helps entrepreneurs find the talent they need, whether full-time, parttime, contract or freelancers. We focus particularly on fractional talent, providing opportunities for men/women looking for permanent part-time work, such as Dads/ Moms who want to stay relevant in their careers while taking care of young families.

eQuo helps talent find the right companies and opportunities to accelerate their career path and maximize their opportunity to learn and grow. We focus on finding the right entrepreneurial environment for students, graduates and talent looking to work with Founders.

eQuo connects start-ups and scaleups to larger enterprises so they can build global pipelines and accelerate their growth.

eQuo fosters the convergence of business, creative and professional services with technology to better support new firms and accelerate the growth of established firms with the right partners and vendors.

eQuo integrates the not-for-profit/social enterprise eco-system into the broader start-up and scaleup ecosystem to increase our social impact on the region and the globe.

eQuo increases knowledge sharing of projects for more collaboration, team building and funding opportunities.

eQuo fosters regional collaboration with social innovation hubs, associations and community development organizations so we can do more, together.

Board of Advisors

Brenda Halloran

Chair, Startup Canada Former Mayor, Waterloo /CEO Waterloo Innovation Network Brenda is someone who continually gives to her community. She began her career as a registered nurse and decided there were more opportunities in the world to pursue so accepted a....

full bio

Peter Schwartz

Founder, Kognitiv/Laurence Capital Corp Co-Founder Communitech Peter Schwartz is a Canadian entrepreneur and investor. He is recognized for the successful organizations he has built – and for the diverse investments which have nurtured....

full bio

Chris Carder

Co-Director, Entrepreneurship, Schulich School of Business, Founder, Thindata & Kinetic Café Chris Carder is a Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years-experience in the Digital/ Technology Sector and a sought-after Startup Advisor, Investor and Advisory Board...

full bio

Kevin Stolarick

Innovation Researcher, OCAD/ Ryerson, former Research Director, Martin Prosperity Institute Dubbed the “Official Statistician of the Creative Class”, Kevin Stolarick, PhD, combines a depth of knowledge with an appreciation of the importance of finding and sharing...

full bio

Joanne Fedeyko

CEO of Connection Silicon Valley, Founder of Accellerate, former Executive Director of the C100 Joanne works at the intersection of tech between Canada and Silicon Valley - building bridges, making connections and strengthening cross border relationships...

full bio
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Founding Advisor

Michael Willson

Co-Founder Advisor/Creative Director/ Crayon Evangelist From bricks + mortar, to bytes, banners and beyond, Michael is a highly motivated media neutral creative director/strategist with over +20 years’ experience pioneering change, with a perspective....

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