An inclusive community in the Toronto/Waterloo region for entrepreneurs and the people who believe in them.

eQuo provides the tools to build teams, find capital, generate new leads and customers and find the key partners and talent you need to solve your most pressing problems as you grow from start-up to scale-up and beyond.

In a world full of naysayers, we're bringing the believers and the doers together to change the world.

We hope that you'll be part of it.

Together, let's build a Thousand, Ten Million Dollar companies throughout the Toronto/Waterloo region.


  • eQuo aggregates the existing capital pool available to entrepreneurs, making the eco-system easier to navigate while also providing alternative forms of capital, such as crowdfunding, to create even more options to raise the capital they need.
  • eQuo helps entrepreneurs grow their bottom line by providing real leads for potential customers looking for their services or technology.
  • eQuo helps entrepreneurs find the talent they need, whether full-time, part-time, contract or freelancers.
  • eQuo helps talent find the right companies and opportunities to accelerate their career path and maximize their opportunity to learn and grow.
  • eQuo connects start-ups and scaleups to large enterprises so they can build global pipelines and accelerate their growth.
  • eQuo fosters the convergence of business, creative and professional services with technology to better support new firms and accelerate the growth of established firms with the right partners and vendors.
  • eQuo integrates the not-for-profit/ social enterprise eco-system into the broader start-up and scaleup ecosystem to increase our social impact on the region and the globe.
  • eQuo increases knowledge sharing of projects for more collaboration, team building and funding opportunities.
  • eQuo fosters regional collaboration with social innovation hubs, associations and community development organizations so we can do more, together.

It's time to unite our ecosystem and build one thousand, $10 million-dollar companies and prove that toronto/waterloo can change the innovation playbook.


By joining, you'll be able to provide feedback on our platform and influence our community as one of our first members to support our initiative and become the community leaders that will form the backbone of eQuo. be one of the voices for talent and entrepreneurs who want to reduce the barriers we all face as we build our careers and our companies.

We value your privacy and won't share your personal details with anyone. The information collected will be used to notify you when eQuo alpha has opened.

Note: if you don't receive an activation email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder.