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Emergency First Aid & CPR

This course is only taught in- person (8 hours).

The certification lasts for three years and then the Recertification course must be completed to remain compliant per the providence of Ontario.

Emergency CPR and First Aid training is a course designed to teach individuals the skills necessary to provide immediate care to a person who is experiencing a medical emergency or injury. The training covers a range of topics, including:
- Recognizing an emergency
- Calling for emergency medical services (EMS)
Providing basic life support, including CPR and AED
- Managing bleeding and wounds
- Managing choking and airway obstructions
- Managing head, neck, and spinal injuries

This course meets the WSIB standards.

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Recertification: Standard CPR & First Aid

This course is a review of the Standard First Aid & CPR outcomes. The credentials for the Recertification program last for a year, after which the Standard program must be re-taken.

This course meets the WSIB standards.

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Standard: First Aid & CPR-C

This course can be taught in two formats: in-person & hybrid.

In the in-person option, the course is taught in two in-person, eight-hour days. While the hybrid option consists of 3-4 hours online (1 month to complete after logging in) & 6 hours in-person.

The certification, upon course completion, lasts for two years, then the Recertification training course must be taken.

Standard first aid safety training typically includes, but is not limited to:

- Assessing the person's condition and providing appropriate care
- Managing medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and allergic reactions
- Managing airway and breathing emergencies, controlling bleeding, and treating shock

This course meets the WSIB standards.

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Kore Training

Kore training is a revolutionary safety company helping to support businesses and professionals in obtaining the necessary training to run their business with confidence and compliance.
Offering a wide array of safety training and supplies across Ontario, Kore training makes WSIB compliance simple and stress free. Lead by industry professionals with combined experience in nursing, paramedics and construction, your training course is guaranteed to be informative and engaging.
Furthermore, our courses can be custom tailored to your needs, providing in person training, online or both. With corporate rates and discounts, we aim to make training attainable to all.

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